Leaving Our Nets Behind

I’ve never created a blog before, but this whole process of starting Lighthouse Sanctuary is full of “I’ve nevers.”  In May of 2016, I received a very clear answer to prayer that I was to open a facility for young people in the Philippines.  Of course I had never started a business or taken my family abroad or even visited the Philippines.  I was well aware of my inadequacies and I could not see how it all was possible but I trusted that the Lord would show me.  

Within days of receiving my answer, the miracles began pouring in!  As I started to research how to set up a non profit, some of the most amazing people were put in my pathway and they agreed to be members of the board.  From there lawyers, architects, psychologists, videographers and more came out of the woodwork prepared to help.  

I spoke with the Attorney General of Utah, a Mayor and House Representative in the Philippines as well as very powerful business owners.  For those of you who know me, you know that this couldn’t be further from my comfort zone.  I would walk into these meetings with my baby in arms, my handwritten notes and a prayer in my heart.  I knew that I must have looked ridiculous but I was amazed at the responses that I received! 

I realize that I could easily fill a book with the background and miracles that have gotten us this far, but for now I will just share my favorite story.  In preparing for the Philippines I sent an email to the Mayor of the city where we were planning to build.  I explained what we were planning to do and requested a time to meet with her while we were there.  She not only accepted the request but she changed her plans to be able to meet with us.  In the meeting she explained that the day before she received my email she was in a meeting where she requested the statistics of HIV in her city.  When she saw that the statistics of children who were HIV positive were much higher that the adults, she was concerned and confused, and when she found out that it was because of the sexual abuse of those children, she was devastated!  She explained that she cried out to the Lord and wanted to know how to help and the next day she read my email.  It was as clear then as it is now that this is the Lord’s work.  This is His plan and He is just allowing us to be a part of it.  

The scriptures have definitely brought on new meaning during this time of preparing!  I realized that when Jesus called men to do great work, He chose those that seemed least qualified.  Men built boats, parted seas and healed the sick with no prior experience. When He called the missionaries to help Him teach the gospel, He didn’t call wise men or teachers, He called fishermen.  I can imagine what they felt when they were called but they trusted His plan and they were willing to leave their nets behind and go.  It was then that the Lord qualified them for His work and it was through them that we see His glory manifested.

Although this blog will be filled with all sorts of experiences and stories, what I want to express most is that this is the Lord’s work.  We are so grateful for the privilege to be a part of it and to witness His miracles first hand!  We have all desire to bring glory to His name by fulfilling His call and we are grateful to all of you who are a part of this journey!